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House UPDATE August, 2023

Where do I begin? Writing this evening's blog update; I am at once excited, rejuvenated and revitalized after having visited with dear friends Val and Emily. Liz and I drove the 40 miles Northwest of Nashville to visit their home and to check in on our new home right next door~ Here is a look since publishing the last blog. A lot of changes are happening and our future home is coming together so beautifully!! We are hopeful that our Nashville house will sell to the right new owner. The new house is located between Ashland City and Charlotte, Tn. So here is the story:

This is the front porch and door taken on July 20th, 2023. There was a storm coming in around 4:00 pm and we put the front porch lights on. The decking, railings and door had not been stained and we replaced the wire mesh with spindles.

As we came around back to the deck and to the studio entrance, we see the lovely people are at work staining the upper deck!

Pictured below is a shot taken a week later and the upper eaves, railing, and support beams are all finished. Now the contractors are staining joists underneath.

Pictured below we have a look inside at the tracking room, complete with sound-proof insulation, (which is not visible, but resides up above the acoustic ceiling tile). Picture taken July 20th, 2023

From the perspective of the camera angle, one would be standing just inside the double french doors. Off to the immediate right is the control room, and to the left is the bathroom. The second doorway on the left is entering the space I will occupy as a writing room. The second doorway on the right is the lounge and storm shelter.



Water Heater and Shelves in Studio Bathroom

This photo taken on 7/20/23 of the floor in my writing area just off the tracking room. Below is the photo which nearly brought me to tears! We met Allison, who is Jamie Pendergrass' daughter. It's his company that is building it. She is responsible for the details and furnishings around the finishes, and for overseeing the construction crew. I did not expect the floor to look this finished, as we were leaving it cement. Imagine my surprise when we opened the door and saw this!


After climbing the stairway on the left, this view features the newly laid hardwood flooring in the main living area! I am standing in the living room. with the kitchen off to my right. The bathroom is for the guest bedroom(s) which are on either side of the hallway at the end. The washer/ dryer utility room is the first door to the right.

Turning to my right is the sleekly designed kitchen complete with granite Ubatuba countertops and a beautiful Whirlpool side by side refrigerator! There's SO much counter space and cabinet space. But wait..... that's not all....

Check this light out! It's an oriental design with loose frosted glass panels that look amazing and so contemporary!

Below is the granite countertop called Ubatuba which has dazzling

fossils and earthy designs.

Just look at the happy face of my wife Liz! This is her domain, she is the BEST cook! That's priceless

The crowning jewel of the living room opposite the kitchen is this solid wood burning stove which will light up the room and warm the upstairs rooms in winter~We are looking at the fitting in the box for the pipe ( not pictured) that will protrude vertically up into the ceiling

and out the attic space and roof.

This is just the MOST FABULOUS closet I have ever had! This is in our master bedroom~

Ya'all I am living my best life right now!

Master Bedroom Suite

Lipless shower entry with handheld shower and seat!

Full Size Bathtub


Two sinks and vanity mirror complete with black faucet and light fixture.

Cozy Hexagon Shaped Tile and Recessed Shower Shelf, with Mosaic river tile flooring.

Guest Bedroom with walk-in closet space

And for Millie's room (and our library when she's not visiting), we have the bluff facing bedroom!

Watching the crew stain our new deck! Transformative isn't it?

And a "Howdy Folks"! Y'All are welcome to visit the Tennessee Country House, home of Avalon Farms and Sapphos Music Productions!

(L. to R. Allison, myself, Emily and Val- not pictured Liz taking the photo!). Stay tuned for another update once we're moved in!