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Three Women and a Story

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Three Women, A Studio and A Dream "Between the Smoke and Tears."

July 18, 2016

Liz Ficalora, Producer at Sapphos Productions

Val Reynolds, now Val Reynolds-Whitcomb is a rising blues artist that came to us with a vision and a dream. Her vision included 10 songs that painted a beautiful and clear picture musically and lyrically of a journey traveled by many. Her new album called "Between the Smoke and Tears," has full band sound with horns and strings. Her title cut, is filled with strong lyrics and she is accompanied by all her best friends singing the chorus together. Together, we all worked as a team to complete her vision, which takes time and dedication to the art of music making. We would arrange a time, Val would bring donuts and coffee and behind closed doors we laughed, made musical suggestions, arranged the songs, and ran the equipment together. This project was definitely a group effort and I must say, it came out great. Val gave me the freedom to think through sting arrangements, percussion and drum tracking ideas. She is an artist with an open mind to new ideas that might even take her music to another place she never thought of. Check out her new album and listen to the lyrics and maybe you can identify with her journey.

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