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 I found a perfect egg

Heavy and blue

Just like an Easter egg

Abandoned and through

I could see the shell

Assaulted and scarred

How could the mother bird

Simply discard


I’m kneeling down to pick it up

I wanted it to feel my love


I saw a praying bug

on the festival grounds

and it was looking up

by the inflatable clown

and she was fighting hard

From the boot of a crush

and people laughed at her

Disabled in the dust

I pick her up and walk away

In mountain grasses she now lay


A broken system

A broken world

A broken heart 

Inside a broken girl


I found a little kitten

Orange and white

She was hunger stricken

Wandering the night

I gave her food and drink

and watched her walk away

Out to the county road

It wasn’t until the next day

I spot her body lying there

Struck down and left without a care


One act of kindness

To those undone

Show mercy first and

Be a hero to one


There isn’t any price

or profit to be won

A simple sacrifice

The hero

The hero

To one

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