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A Songwriter and Her Blues Dream As She Tells the Truth

Recording Projects Completed

A Songwriter and Her Blues Dream As She Tells the Truth.

June 5th, 2016

Liz Ficalora

We finished this project in a few months. Jill brought in her full band and we had everyone in a different room with headphones on and cords lining the halls. We didn't care, we just wanted to record Jill's first blues album just like she envisioned. That was a fun day when we finally finished tracking the rhythm tracks. Next, Jill and I sat down together and adding all those extra things that make a song stand out. That's right, those string arrangements and adding guitar work and keys that we both love to add. We take turns adding parts and sometimes we both play a piano part and see who's part was the best. Usually we both win and we add both to the tracks. Jill plays all the guitar parts and I add all the drums and percussion. We have been doing this for years so it seemed so natural when she works on her parts in her studio and I turn to my studio and lay down all the drumming ideas. I usually do all the mixing and we sometimes joke about just moving the automation over just a little bit. In the end, together, we do create a great product.

Tell the Truth is an album with great lyric content and melodies. Check out "Change" and "Red Dog" that she wrote about our dog Abby.

We are seeing another album coming since Jill just keeps writing. Just like Melissa Etheridge said last night at her concert at the Ryman, whenever an emotion rises, I can only do what I do and that is write a song. That is Jill Sissel. A extraordinarily gifted singer songwriter and I am glad to be working with her.

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