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Valerie Reynolds-Whitcomb CD RELEASE!

We rocked the house on Saturday night! Ashland City was home (literally) to a rockin CD release party hosted by the artist herself! The night began with a hayride around the farm. When the guests returned there was BBQ and hors d'oeuvres and the music began to crank up. Liz and I have worked, produced and engineered on Val's CD; we have the equipment and the know-how. Since we have played 95% of the instruments on the tracks, we are easily capable of playing behind her! She started the evening off with songs from her CD, "Between the Smoke and Tears", having MaryAnn Kennedy come up as a guest vocalist on one song. Val's commanding vocals resonate passion and demand attention. Liz Ficalora plays the percussion set with her 18" bass drum, djembe and bongos, and had the crowd mesmerized with her chops. She also handled the sound, a more pre-occupying job if you've ever had to do it. She and I finished up as the Paint Sisters duo to a crowd of 40-50 people! House concerts are a beautiful thing!

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