Who I am

I am a songwriter, poet, and lover of life! This is a blog to communicate with you and share what is happening in my life.

I work with Alzheimer's patients through music. I am empowered with a gift of music and I am on a new path to create an extraordinary CD with my partner and producer, Liz Ficalora.

I write songs about people and situations that effect me. I have a Pisces sun sign and tend to be very sensitive to people's emotions. I've been writing songs since I was 5 and it is my purpose in life to practice being in the present moment. When I am writing songs, I am in the present moment. When I am not present or conscious to NOW I loose my sense of purpose. So while it is an ever- present practice to stay focused I have allowed myself a change of perspective when writing songs about a particular person or event. For example, a friend and co-writer Mike Kuhl and I had a writing session where he showed me a lyric he was writing about a homeless veteran. My perspective changed to allow the music to flow into the song that became "Change" . Perspective and experience are inter-changable and since it was my experience to be the child of a WWll veteran who happened to be a POW; my talent or gift is enabling me to change perspective and become "in the moment" with that subject.

I study Buddhism and say that I am a child of the universe. My up-bringing is Christian, but I do open my mind to the unity of all people despite religion. I am not religious. I am spiritual.

more to come....