Telling Our Story for a Documentary

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Telling Our Story for A Documentary

July 18, 2016


Jill Sisel

Earlier in May, The Paint Sisters traveled to Columbia, MO. meeting Charley Waddill and Derrick Enyard. Liz gave a master class presentation of her drum charting software. Liz and Jill were asked to perform a few original songs for a television station there and went into the sound studio at Stephen's College. Met by technician and director Mikel, Derrick Enyard conducted the interview asking the Paint Sisters questions about how they met and how they approach the songwriting process. Liz was also asked how she created the easy drum chart method. The duo played four songs for the program, "Sweet Magic", "Tell the Truth", "Love Knows No Distance" and

"Until We Meet Again". The duo wishes to thank the hospitality extended to them and to Charley Waddill owner of Access Percussion for the opportunity to demonstrate Liz's powerful drumming tool, and to Derrick Enyard for bringing us onboard to showcase our music!

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